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  • How to rekey a lock cylinder – Anaapolis Locksmith Squad

  • Let's start with a quick explanation what is Re-key.

    To make it simple, Re-key is to disable the current key so is no longer will work on the lock and get a new key to work with.

    When & why to re-key locks?

    • if you lost your set of keys with some kind of edification with your address ( a person that got purse / bag stolen with the keys.
    • if you had to let go an employee / staff member and he haven't returned his key.
    • you have an investment property and the previous tenet left and you have a new tenant.

    How does it work?

    • In order to re-key most hardware, you need to have a key that activate the lock *(in some cases you can "shim" or pick the lock on order to re-key it).
      The locksmith will use a "lab pin kit", follower and a new set of keys to do that.
    1.  The lock need to be removed from the door  (in some doorknob / lever locks you can just take the cylinder off without removing the entire lock).
    2. The " tailpiece" need to be removed in order to extract the cylinder plug .
    3. Insert the current key to the key hole and and turn the key 90 degrees (to the 3 o'clock) - then attach the follower where the tailpiece was located, then push the follower into the cylinder and on the same time pull the key with the chamber.
    4. After you have the cylinder plug in hand remove the old pins (most standard locks have 5 pins in the plug).
    5. Insert the new pins according to the new key code (the code should be printed on the head of the key).
    6. Insert the new key to the cylinder plug and make sure that the new pins are on the same height.
    7. We finished with the Re-keying, now you only need to reverse the steps and reassemble the lock.

      We hope that it's help you to understand a bit better the process of Re-keying a lock cylinder.

      Annapolis Locksmith Squad