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  • Hi everyone, here is some general information that will help you decide what will be better for your needs.
    If you want to get some more information about what is re-key and how it's been done, click here!

    Re-key - pros

    • Cheaper! - Re-keying a lock it's much cheaper then getting new hardware.
    • if your locks are " smart key system by Kwikset" - you can re-key them yourself!.
    • you won't need to be worried about painting the door - when installing a new lock sometimes the new hardware is in different dimensions then the old lock.
    • Keeping the same look on the door  (if you live in a condo, condo association have some rules about it and for historical houses and building that needs to keep there natural look).

    Re-key - Cons

    •  if your locks are old or not functioning well - Re-keying the lock won't resolve the problem.
    •  some locksmith company don't give warranty on re-key cylinders.
    • you can only re-key a cylinder if you have the key that activate the lock (in some cases you can "shim" or pick the lock and then re-key it ).
    • if your lock hardware is old - probably you will prefer spending some extra money to get a newer style lock.

    New locks - pros

    • nice and shiny :-)
    • getting a newer lock technology - today there is high security locks that are restricted key system, pick & drill resistance.
    • new lock will resolve all the problems that your old lock had - if you're having trouble making your locks to operate well, it's time to gets new one (*before replacing any lock we recommend calling a locksmith to inspect the locks) 

    New locks - Cons

    •  A bit more expensive than Re-keying.
    • Our recommendation is to change the hardware just because new locks will serve you for the next 10-15 years* and must costumers prefer to have that peace-of-mind. 

    *Note: there is different locks manufacturer and different qualities - some locks will last you longer then others