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  • How to find the right locksmith in Annapolis MD

     Ask a friend or a family member if they know any GOOD local locksmith - it's always better to get this kind of information from  someone that you know and you trust is discretion.  If you are new in town or you have no one that can give you a good locksmith referral, it's time to go online and look for reviews! There is many website that people share their experience with business[...]

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    Rekey VS New Locks

    Hi everyone, here is some general information that will help you decide what will be better for your needs. If you want to get some more information about what is re-key and how it's been done, click here! Re-key - pros Cheaper! - Re-keying a lock it's much cheaper then getting new hardware. if your locks are " smart key system by Kwikset" - you can re-key them yourself!. you won't need to be [...]

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    How to rekey a lock cylinder  - Anaapolis Locksmith Squad

    To make it simple, Re-key is to disable the current key so is no longer will work on the lock and get a new key to work with. When & why to re-key locks? if you lost your set of keys with some kind of edification with your address ( a person that got purse / bag stolen with the keys. if you had to let go an employee / staff member and he haven't returned his key. you have an investment [...]

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